Our food. Including gluten-free pasta

The dishes served carry on the home-cooking tradition passed on over the years by Fiorella to Andrea who, along with Franca and Jane, is maintaining their original characteristics. You can read the menu on these pages and delight your palate with whatever inspires you most. Ribollita and Rabbit with white wine are the two dishes that have been on the menu since 1982.

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Le Vecchie Mura



Crostini toscani
Small pieces of toasted bread with various toppings
Affettati e crostini toscani
Prosciutto, salame, toasted bread and toppings
Affettati di cinghiale
Thinly-slice, lean ham, salame and sausage of wild boar
Affettati di cinta senese
Slices made from CINTA, speciality of black/white boar of Siena
Misto mare
A selection of seafood, served cold
Insalata Caprese
Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and basil - all fresh
Prosciutto e melone
Ham and melone
Bruschetta aglio e olio
Toasted bread with garlic and oil
Bruschetta al pomodoro
Toasted bread with garlic and tomato
Bruschetta alle melanzane
Toasted bread with garlic and eggplant/aubergine
Bruschetta mista
A mixed selection of the above varieties
Bruschetta al "Lardo di Colonnata"
Toasted bread with a local bacon-fat famous for special seasoning

First courses Gluten-free pasta also available

Ribollita toscana
A traditional local vegetable and bread soup
Tagliatelle al cinghiale
Tagliatelle pasta with a wild boar meat souce
Zuppa di farro
A hearty spelt soup
Ravioli al tartufo
Raviolis with a truffle sauce
Taglierini ai porcini
Taglierini pasta with a porcini mushroom sauce
Gnocchi tartufo e formaggio
Gnocchis - potato pasta- with a truffle and cheese sauce
Tortelloni burro e salvia
Large Tortellini-stuffed with rucola and cheese whit butter and Sage
Pici alla boscaiola
Pici are a very thick pasta noodle with meat sauce and mushroom
Lasagne al forno
Homemade baked meat lasagna
Penne gorgonzola e noci
Pasta with Gorgonzola and crushed walnuts
Ravioli in salsa di noci
Ravioli with walnut sauce
Penne al ragł
Pasta with meat sauce
Spaghetti al pesto
Spaghetti with sauce of basil pine nuts and cheese
Penne all'arrabbiata
Pasta with a spicy tomato sauce
Spaghetti alla carbonara
Pasta with a mixing of egg, speck, and cheese
Minestrone di verdura
A hearty vegetable soup

Main courses

Cinghiale alla vernaccia
Wild boar cooked with local white wine
Coniglio alla vernaccia
Rabbit cooked with local wine
Suino allo zafferano
Pork prepared in a sauce with localy grown saffron
Bistecca Fiorentina
"T-bone" Beefsteak famous for its thickness-grilled to your liking
Filetto di manzo ai ferri
Cuts of grilled beef
Tagliata con rucola
Cuts of beef with the tart Rucola salad/spice
Petto di pollo agli asparagi
Breast of chicken with a asparagus sauce
Fettina di vitello ai ferri
Veal sliced and grilled
Scaloppina ai funghi
Veal Cutlet with Porcini mushrooms
Agnello al forno
Baked lamb
Cervo in bianco
A sauceless deer meat cooked with red wine and the fragrances of local spices
Ossibuchi in umido
Marrowbone steak prepared in fresh cut tomatoes
Trippa alla Fiorentina
"Tripe alla Fiorentina" with tomato sauce
Baccalą alla Fiorentina
Codfish "alla Fiorentina" with tomato sauce

Side dishes

Verdure al forno
Baked Courgette, egg-plant, potato and tomato
Fagioli all'uccelletto
Fagioli beans cooked in a tomato and sage sauce
Spinaci al burro
Cooked spinach with butter
Insalata mista
Mixed salad
Carciofi alla salvia
Artichokes cooked in Sage
Verdure alla griglia
Grilled Vegetables
Patate fritte
French fries
Rucola pomodoro e mais
A salad of rucola with tomatoes and corn


Sorbetto al limone
Lemon Sorbet
Cantucci con Vinsanto
A traditional almond sweet that one deeps in Vinsanto, a wine
Ice cream of chocolate or vanille and coffee in the form of a truffle
Panforte di San Gimignano
A dense candied sweetbread with almonds
Coppa gelato
Ice cream in a variety of flavors
Macedonia di frutta fresca
Tris di dolci della casa
Selection of home-made cakes
Dolci del giorno
Cakes of the day