Le Vecchie Mura restaurant

What brought us here

Le Vecchie Mura restaurant opened on Saturday, December 5, 1982.
It was the creation of Alighiero Bagnai, a carpenter by trade, briefly out of work due to a crisis in the industry. The idea was to try to make use of the property under the family residence that had always been occupied by the horses his father used for work in the nearby woods. In those years, local restaurants were limited to the handful of places that had existed for years.

After the red tape was completed, the remodelling work began, and the stables were transformed into a self-service restaurant and pizzeria. The project involved Alighiero's mother Fiorella, his sister Grazia, and his cousin Silvano. In 1989 Alighiero and Fiorella were the sole proprietors of the company, together with son Roberto, who at the time alternated his school work with waiting tables. The place became a full-fledged restaurant; modest prices helped attract a large clientele by satisfying different tastes and palates.

In 1997 they opened the adjacent panoramic terrace, and in 1998 the restaurant began serving only in the evenings, from 6:00 p.m. on. In 2000 Claudia gave up her lingerie shop and devoted herself full-time to the family business and to her two children, Alessia and Lorenzo.

In 2007, interior work began that ended in 2008 with the inauguration of the new modern-style décor, with walls and arches made more open and bright, and with new tables and chairs.
The recommendations of the Siena architect, Carniani, combined with the proprietors' own ideas plus application of their acquired skills yielded what you see in the photos, which you can see in person when you come to visit us.

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